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A Spotlight on James Calado

James Calado (pictured right), is a prime British motor racing talent who is rated by many of the sport's top pundits as a Formula 1 star of the future.

In 2011 he raced in GP3 with the crack French Lotus ART squad and ended the year as Vice-Champion. The immensely tough formula - along with GP2 - is a one-make support series for F1 in Europe. Both are designed to pit the world's best up-and-coming drivers against one another in readiness for the step up to the pinnacle of motorsport.

In a tightly-fought 16-race season that produced 11 different winners from the 30-strong grid, he secured six podium finishes, including one win, one pole position and two fastest laps. The race record - including his innate ability to develop a front-running car - impressed both Lotus ART and many of the movers and shakers in the F1 paddock.

James Calado Lotus, GP2

Since graduating from karts to single-seaters in 2008, he has competed in 103 races racking up a total of 20 wins, 41 podiums, 20 pole positions and 20 fastest laps. His impressive CV includes Vice-Championships in British Formula 3 International and Formula Renault UK.

He now aspires to graduate to GP2 in 2012 with Lotus ART, the most successful team in both GP2 and GP3.

Current Position

James Calado races with comprehensive backing and support of the not-for-profit Racing Steps Foundation. The private benevolent fund meets the cost of his entire race and development programme. Without the RSF funding James would never have been able to afford the transition from karts to cars and his progression to the doorstep of Formula 1. But even with the RSF's substantial support, the route to F1 is a tough one - physically, mentally and economically.

Day-to-day living expenses, together with essentials such as a car and fuel, have to be met from his own endeavours which are hard to fit in around the time-consuming preparation, testing and training that a 200mph sport demands.

The life of a would-be F1 driver is fast and furious…but extremely time poor. James funds his non-racing expenses from part-time work as a driver coach. But as demands on his time grow with each step up the motorsports ladder he takes, the long hours needed for coaching become increasingly difficult to fit in.With GP2 beckoning they are set to become more difficult to find still. This leaves James in a predicament. He has to earn a living to race but can't race at the highest level while earning a living. If he is to make it to the pinnacle of motorsport, he needs additional support. With this in mind he is looking to enter into a mutually beneficial commercial partnership.

The Proposition

James Calado and the high profile sport in which he competes present a unique promotional platform for the right commercial partner. James is on the cusp of F1. He is:

  • Young and successful
  • Dedicated and professional
  • Self-confident and presentable
  • Relaxed and articulate
  • Media savvy and media friendly
  • Driven and focused
  • Value for money

In short James is a self-made role model with much to offer. His on-track success, personal attributes and day-to-day workplace offer numerous marketing opportunities and commercial benefits. These are set to increase as he prepares to move into GP2, the rung below F1.

James now seeks a commercial partner to exploit the available opportunities and provide support, alongside the Racing Steps Foundation, for a British F1 driver in the making. Any partnership would be offered on a strictly 'Money In, Value Out' basis.

The Benefits

The benefits and outreach offered by motorsport at GP2 level and beyond are extensive and come with at a pro-rata cost. But, with the existing backing from the RSF, the cost of supporting James en route to F1 comes at a substantially reduced price.

James seeks a realistic budget to meet day-to-day living costs only. The main benefit for a commercial partner is that any 'realistic budget' negotiated could also buy unique marketing opportunities and benefits that are normally associated with 'big bucks-only' budgets. Available opportunities include:

  • National and international TV, print and online coverage
  • Car and race suit branding
  • Hospitality and networking opportunities

The options are numerous....

To discuss a tailor-made, 'money in : value out' proposition that meets your marketing objectives and commercial needs, please contact us

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